AGON Announces New Single “Beyond Words” and Its Russian Version “ЗаГраньюСлов” – An Ode to Family Ties

AGON, renowned for his unique blend of ambient and new age music with a touch of rap, is thrilled to announce the simultaneous release of his new single “Beyond Words” and its Russian counterpart “За Гранью Слов” on June 7, 2024. This latest track, available in both English and Russian, delves into the profound and often ineffable essence of family ties, presenting a rap composition that blends traditional and modern elements to explore the emotional and spiritual dimensions of familial relationships.

Beyond Words” is not just a song; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the unspoken yet deeply felt bonds that define our concept of family. With instrumental solos that invite reflection and a bridge highlighting the transformative power of family ties, “Beyond Words” encourages listeners to appreciate the strength, comfort, and love inherent in their own familial connections.

The release of “За Гранью Слов” alongside “Beyond Words” underscores AGON’s commitment to his diverse audience, ensuring that the powerful message of the song transcends linguistic barriers. This dual release strategy not only broadens the song’s reach but also deepens its impact, allowing listeners from different backgrounds to experience the music in their native language.

Key Lyrics to Note:

  • “Family ties, a thread unbroken, In their warmth, unspoken words, now spoken.”
  • “The tapestry of life, threads intertwine, We’re woven in a bind”
  • “In love we’re soaked, Never alone, Each heartbeat gives love a home.”

AGON comments, “With each verse and chorus, ‘Beyond Words’ and За Гранью Слов‘ invite listeners to reflect on the unspoken yet powerful essence of family. It’s a tribute to those familial bonds that persist through life’s challenges, acting as both a compass and a comforting presence.”

Available on all major streaming platforms starting June 7, 2024, “Beyond Words” and “За Гранью Слов” are AGON’s invitation for listeners to reflect on and cherish the familial bonds that sustain them through every moment of life.
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