AGON presents: “Who Matters (Remix)”

April 14th, 2023 – AGON is a rap artist with a very special concept. He creates music that is always positive and inspiring. His songs deal with various topics, including recognizing the true value of love, friendships and family, as well as learning to fight for your dreams, respect the beautiful things in life and always being yourself, with no compromise. His most recent release, “Who Matters (Remix)”, is a remixed version of his previous release, “Who Matters,” which is also an incredibly inspiring track in its own right. This song in particular is a reminder that in life, not all the people we meet are actually going to be good or caring. Sometimes, people can be wolves in sheep’s clothing, as they say! It is very important to get to know exactly who you choose to see around in life. “Who Matters (Remix)” is a heartfelt and honest reminder to be more mindful about the people we decide to include in our lives. AGON’s concept is truly eye-opening, but it is not only about the message. “Who Matters (Remix)” is a beautiful song, and the remixed version is just as stunning. While AGON’s vocal performance retains its power and intense realness, the melodic components of the remix give the song a really cool new makeover, while still staying true to the original concept of the song’s arrangement. As a result, this is a really powerful and fun new twist on “Who Matters (Remix)“, and it shows AGON’s refreshingly diverse approach to making music that truly matters. At the end of the day, “Who Matters (Remix)” offers the perfect balance of deep meaningfulness and catchy appeal, something that is very difficult to achieve so seamlessly!

Learn more about AGON’s music, and do not miss out on “Who Matters (Remix)“, and other excellent releases from this rapper!

Pre-save link: https://agon.fanlink.to/who-matters-remix

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