I’ve been making music for exactly one year now, it’s crazy how fast the time flies!

From English classes and vocals to beat-making lessons, it has not been an easy journey this year.

It took an unbelievable amount of time, patience, and effort to achieve any significant results, especially when I had absolutely no experience in this. Perhaps all my close people that know me well and have always been for me at different times in life still cannot believe it. But most importantly, they support me!

The craft is definitely far from easy, but it is so interesting to me! I truly enjoy making music a lot. Over the course of the year, it became my real passion.

And as long as I have this fire of inspiration inside of me and a great desire to share my stories, I will continue my new journey and gladly meet new friends on this path.

Apparently, the epiphany came when I wanted to share my thoughts, attitudes, my views on life, and find new like-minded people. I chose music as my powerful and indispensable tool for this. Its strength lies in the fact that bypassing the mind, it penetrates directly into the soul and the subconscious, forming a person’s mood. Accordingly, music can cause a variety of feelings, motives, and desires in a person. Music can relax, calm, invigorate, irritate, etc. In my case, I want to inspire people, share positive energy with them, encourage serious thoughts about everything that surrounds us, and talk about what is happening in our life every day. I would like everyone who listens to my songs to be able to find something of their own that is close, dear, interesting, and maybe vital.

Very soon I will release my very first ALBUM “It Can’t Rain Forever”.

Stay tuned and follow me on all digital platforms & social media: https://biglink.to/Agon

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