Agon has announced an upcoming Holiday time release: Stay in The Present

December 24, 2021 – There are so many recording artists out there, but there aren’t many like Agon! He is more than a music creator, but someone who wants to help people with what he does. He wants to inspire people and create something that is far more than just plain old entertainment. With his music, he has a motivational power that makes people understand how important it is to be themselves and follow their dreams. Recently, he announced the release of a fantastic new studio work titled Stay in The Present. Right form the get-go, you can get an amazing sense of the depth of the arrangement and the incredible nuances that drive the sound of this release.

This song stays true to the artist’s mission of inspiring people, reminding them that they need to stay grounded in the moment and live in the present! The title of the song is also a little pun, since the track is going to be released on Christmas. Think of it as Agon’s “Present” to his loyal fans and to music lovers in general! If you enjoy motivational hip-hop, then this one is most definitely something for you to check out. You should definitely check this out if you are a fan of artists like Eminem, Juice WRLD, Kanye West and Nas, only to name a few. However, this particular track features a modern style that really might make listeners think of other contemporary icons such as XXXTENTACION, as well as Lil Uzi Vert, only to name a few. Like all of those aforementioned artists, Agon is a true wizard at crafting music that is immediately likable and diverse, and Stay In The Present is definitely a manifesto of his attitude and creative excellence. The lyrics actually highlight Agon’s attitude towards life and his willingness to get people to think more positively about their lives and the world.

“Gotta make it in this life if you want to win

Don´t dwell on the past that means struggling”

This is only a small fragment of the song, but in just two lines of text, Agon was able to capture such a deep, meaningful and unique concept, which instinctively gives the audience a deeper insight. This is music that is meant to elevate, change, uplift and rebuild, and more importantly, help people see that yes, there is another way and that they are not alone! Agon is truly a world-class lyricist and he has something to offer with every line. The chorus of the song itself feels like an amazing example of excellence.

“Surviving don´t mean live, no

Time doesn´t wait for you

It won´t slow

Moments won´t be forgiven

Just move on

Add life to your years

Not reversed, no”

Every word is musical and meaningful, and the message is very powerful: to be alive shouldn’t mean to just survive, and time isn’t really waiting on anyone. It’s all about moving on and take a more positive attitude, because time goes on and at the end of the day, if we get too stressed about life and regrets, we might literally age quicker due to stress and worry. As Agon says, the best thing to do is to “Add life to your years, not reversed, no!” If you want to live a more care-free and happy live, you should start truly living and stop merely surviving! Agon himself seems to have genuinely followed this passionate advice first hand, since he actually dedicated his life to following his passion for making music and reach out to the whole world with his beautiful and inspirational songwriting chops!

Today’s music scene is a s diverse as ever, and you will really enjoy how Stay In The Present is sounding in terms of revealing more of Agon’s personality, while staying true to the staples of the hip-hop genre, without being so strictly bound to its confines and creative dogmas.

Stay in The Present is going to be released on 24.12.2021, so do not miss out on this masterpieces. This release is going to be a highlight of the season, so stay tuned!

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Agon is an inspirational rap artist who has recently announced the release of a new single: Stay in The Present, which is going to be released on 24.12.2021

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