Agon has recently announced a new song: “Share My Truth”

Agon is an artist and songwriter who recently dropped a brand-new studio single, “Share My Truth”.

“Share My Truth” is definitely going to resonate with fans of artists such as Eminem, Juice WRLD and Kendrick Lamar. This release embodies the versatility that you can expect from AGON’s music, while also highlighting the personality and drive that makes the rapper so unique. Furthermore, the quality of the production is outstanding. Every element in the mix is balanced, allowing the audience to get a full and unhindered experience of Agon’s remarkable range. This song is delivered with passion, and the quality of the recording allows the true emotion of the track to shine seamlessly. This beautiful track is empowering and honest as it connects the audience with Agon’s deepest feelings. IT aims to push people to embrace their truths and to never be afraid of what others may think! It is important to stay focused on your truth!

The song deals with the idea of building your own world by progressing and never staying dormant. Idleness is essentially a very negative thing. If you sleep or stand still without doing anything, you won’t amount to anything at all. It is important to follow your own path without paying much attention to others, who might be jealous or might want to stand in the way of your happiness and success. Sadly, such obstacles affect a huge number of people in the world. AGON wants to leverage his music to help people overcome these struggles and embrace a more positive outlook of the world. In the song, AGON speaks from the bottom of his heart. He shares his truths and sets real goals not only for himself, but also for his family and for the people that he loves deeply. Many rappers aren’t too keen on including so many personal lyrics, but AGON is never afraid to speak his mind and his heart. His music is truly different in the scope of the global hip-hop community. He is an artist with something new to offer!

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