AGON has released a new single: “Nasty Day”

AGON is an artist and a songwriter who specializes in creating music that challenges the usual expectations and the cliches of the rap genre. His sound has a very diverse feel to it. What makes it so special is the fact that AGON can create music that’s catchy, but also rich with in-depth and lyrical versatility. This is most definitely the case in his most recent studio work, “Nasty Day”.

The song is a perfect springboard for AGON to showcase his talent. The arrangement sets the bar higher with one-of-a-kind ideas and a very insightful range of musical influences, as well as catchy melodic parts. One of the most amazing things about “Nasty Day” is that the production allows different elements of the song to sink in beautifully, delivering a holistic approach. This melodic rap song has a truly well-balanced and unique meaning. While the title might give off some nasty or negative connotations, the idea behind the track actually relates to peace. It’s the kind of feeling you get when you wake up and feel the morning breeze on your face. It feels good! This track is a powerful reminder that, sometimes, we need to take a step back and enjoy the moment. A good day could be an opportunity to take it easy and reflect upon our lives, letting go of all the stress, fuss, and pettiness! As the song’s first sentence puts it so eloquently, “Nasty days have no logic, leaving you without any sense of control”.

Agon’s authenticity is undisputed, with the song being easy to relate to due to its heartfelt and spontaneous lyrics. Musically, the track is just as planned out, with a mellow mid-tempo beat that matches the goal of the song’s concept. The vibe of the production makes me think back of the “golden era” of rap (Think the early 2000s!), especially in the super-focused flow of the instrumental beat and how it interacts with the vocals.

Fans of listening to artists such as Eminem, Juice WRLD, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar will definitely appreciate the deep nuances of AGON’s music.

Find out more about AGON, and listen to “Nasty Day”. This release is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming services out there.

Streaming link: https://agon.fanlink.to/nasty-day

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