AGON is back on the scene with a brand-new release, “Let your heart be your eyes (REMIX)”

Discover a dance-floor friendly remix of one of Agon’s best songs!

November 04TH, 2022 – AGON managed to attract his audience with a distinctive take on melodic rap music. What’s special about the sound of this release is the fact that he sets the bar higher with uniquely melodic ideas and great production aesthetics. AGON is a truly one-of-a-kind rapper, as he is always open to remixing his songs into different styles. In addition to having a life-long passion for the sound and feel of hip-hop, AGON also loves the immersive flow of modern dance music. This is the reason why he decided to create remixes of some of his songs, including the amazing “Let your heart be your eyes”. This song, in its original version, stands out for its heartfelt lyrics and unique flow. The remix continues to focus on the storytelling aspect of the lyrics, but under a completely different scope. In this case, there is also space for some extraordinary ambiance and inspiring tunes that add to the production as a whole. “Let your heart be your eyes (remix)” is charming and dynamic. It offers another side to AGON’s creative mind.

As the title might suggest, the song deals with the idea that sometimes we need to allow our heart to guide us. One must stop solely relying on other senses, causing themselves to overthink stuff within their lives. As the saying goes: sometimes, the heart knows best!

If you are a fan of artists as diverse as Juice WRLD, and Eminem, you should definitely give this release a shot! “Let your heart be your eyes (REMIX)” is a perfect calling card for AGON and an even better example of his passion.

Find out more about AGON and do not miss out on “Let your heart be your eyes (Remix)”, which is currently available on the streaming platforms!

Pre-save link: https://agon.fanlink.to/let-your-heart-be-your-eyes-remix

Follow AGON on all digital platforms & social media: https://biglink.to/Agon

Web-site: www.agonsg.com
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