Agon presents: Life Road (Remix)

December 12, 2021 – At times, writing a good song alone isn’t the end goal: there is so much more that goes into great production, and finding the right balance of sonic excellent, texture and production chops can help a great song stand out. What really matters besides sound and production is to connect with the audience on a deeper level, and this is most definitely what Agon stands for. If you take a listen to Life Road (Remix), a brand new release by this talented rap artist, you will know exactly what the above statement is trying to illustrate. On one hand, Agon is incredibly talented when it comes to writing songs that matter. His vision is endowed with beauty and meaning, and the natural quality of his artistry is absolutely undeniable. However, the fact that the song also boasts the quality production to match the artist’s vision is truly exciting, and really sends the quality of this track over the edge, making it more memorable and appealing for a broader audience. As mentioned earlier, what really matters here is the vibe, and Agon’s message is loud, clear, and uplifting: “Stay positive and do your thing” – It’s really about whatever helps you stay focused and move forward in life! In this life, we are all on a journey, and our road will take us to the destination we deserve in the end. However, at times the journey is more important than getting there, as they say! The path through life is about growing up, overcoming challenges, and becoming the individuals who we are at this very moment. This song features such a deep focus on positive topics, and it is very inspiring to listen to, much like many other tracks from Agon, who always brings his A-game. Life Road (Remix) by Agon feels like a truly groundbreaking track for the artist, in that it feels like a winning combination of modern trap-inspired hip-hop, as well as classic rap music with an old-school twist.

Find out more about Agon, and do listen to Life Road (Remix). This one is definitely a must if you do enjoy the work of fellow artists such as Juice WRLD, Eminem, DMX, and Kendrick Lamar, only to name but a few. Find this release on your favorite digital music streaming services.

Pre-save link: https://agon.fanlink.to/life-road-remix

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Artist link on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/agon_sg

Compact Summary

Agon is a rapper and songwriter who sets the bar higher with catchy melodies and positive lyrics that anybody can appreciate. Don’t miss out on his most recent release, Life Road (Remix)!

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