AGON presents: Time Flies

January 14, 2022 – AGON is more than an entertainer. As a rap artist, he has a higher goal with his music, and he is a bonafide musical pioneer who is not afraid to experiment and try new ideas with each and every song that he releases. His most recent studio release, “Time Flies,” is a lush and wonderful song that combines modern influences with fantastic soundscapes that echo the golden age of rap music.

As with many of AGON’s tracks, Time Flies is a very inspirational track that will undoubtedly move the audience. This song is a stark reminder that time is kind of an equalizer, as it doesn’t really wait for anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich, poor, old, young, or where you’re from: time goes on and its precious and limited! As the clever intro states, T for tenacious, I for incessant, M for the motion and E for evanescent. This beat is powerful and unique, tipping the hat off to legendary artists such as NAS or 2Pac, but with a more contemporary feel, especially in terms of how the beat unfolds. The drum pattern, for instance, has a TR-808 flavor, echoing the most legendary drum machine tones that are at the heart of today’s modern hip-hop sounds. In addition to that, the string melodies and the ambient sounds in the background are absolutely stunning, allowing the artist to truly enjoy a more distinctive vibe for this song. AGON’s lyrical flow are inspiring and dynamic, adding so much warmth to the track, and contributing to the storytelling of the track. His vocal flow on this track has to be one of the most energetic things he has committed to tape recently, and there is something truly magical about how everything unfolds, with the huge tone of this release bringing a fresh twist to AGON’s delivery. Somewhere between catchy and inspirational, this song is powerful and meaningful: it won’t let you down if you are a fan of true and authentic hip-hop music!

Find out more about AGON and do not miss out on his most recent song, Time Flies, which is currently available on the web.

Time Flies is currently awaiting its release. However, you can already pre-save the track on Spotify via the link below. This is an amazing way to support the artist!

Pre-save link: https://agon.fanlink.to/time-flies

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