Agon is back with a new release: Combat Life(Remix)

Adance-friendly song with a club feels and a lot of positive vibes!

November 12, 2021 – Rap artist Agon isn’t like your average hip-hop performer. To him, there are things that matter so much more than fame and money, because music is all about inspiring people and sharing powerful stories. Every single time you listen to one of Agon’s songs, you get away with something: a life lesson, a motivational fire in your heart, and so much more than that. His most recent release, Combat Life (Remix) is no exception. This reworked version of one of his most meaningful and intuitive songs hits just as hard, with a strong focus on creating lush sonic textures and a groove-driven rhythm that highlights Agon’s unique style and flow. What makes this remix different is that instead of exploring Agon’s usual rap influences, it has a club style! The track is going to make people want to dance and jump with positive energy and great vibes through and through! Combat Life (Remix) is indeed a very special combination of rap and EDM, and the melody that drives the intensity of the arrangement is quite special. Agon is an absolute master when it comes to combining a wide variety of influences under one roof, and this amazing new song couldn’t have been a better combination of all of the different faces that drive his music.

Once again, Agon demonstrated that he is no “one-trick pony” and there is so much versatility to his style since he is always ready to explore new ideas and bring his vision to the next level with his sonics and lyrics alike. Not many artists are able to branch out as far, and the versatility is really paying off!

Find out more about Agon and do not miss out on Combat Life (Remix). This new single is going to be available on streaming platforms starting from the 12th of November, 2021. However, you can already pre-save the song by using the following link if you want to support the artist and help him reach more and more people with his sound!



Agon has recently announced the release of a new song titled “Combat Life (Remix)”, a deep dive into club and dance vibes!

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