Agon to release two versions of a new single: Queen II

February 18th, 2023 – Ladies and gentlemen, this is a truly special one. Some songs just hit on a more personal level, especially if they come from the heart. Not many rappers are willing to communicate their true thoughts and feelings through their music. However, Agon is not afraid to show his emotions and even a romantic side in his music.

We live in dark times. There is so much tension around us in this world that we often forget one thing: Love is one of the most powerful things. With “Queen II”, Agon delivers a wonderful message. True love never ends.

The songs are a heartfelt dedication to the rapper’s wife, whom he considers his undisputed queen! He is serenading his loved one with two wonderfully produced songs in two different languages. Not only will Agon release a version of the track in English but also one in Russian (Моя Королева 2), so even people who speak Russian can enjoy the lyrics.

Instrumentally, the song is the same, as they do feature the same beat and production. Still, it is incredibly interesting to actually hear the difference between the two versions. Whether he is performing in English or Russian, Agon’s flow is incredibly distinctive. Queen II features a modern approach to production. The melody has a dreamy and groovy vibe, while the drums are massive. One of the most distinctive aspects of the flow of the vocals is how Agon is accompanied by a female singer, providing some unique background vocals.

The song’s lyrics are also very metaphorical, likening life to a chess game. It can be insidious and filled with unexpected maneuvers. However, things are much better with a true queen by your side! This song is a true celebration of love and another amazing highlight in Agon’s growing quality discography.  

Music listeners who enjoy melodic hip-hop will most definitely be on board with this amazing release, which has something to offer to people from all walks of life! It doesn’t matter if you’re not a hardcore hip-hop fan: this song is so touching that it is universally appealing. The idea of love and the theme and gratitude towards a special person, a queen, is truly timeless.

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